SCS Auto Prepaid Maintenance

About SCS Auto Prepaid Maintenance

Eliminate the administrative cost of managing Prepaid Maintenance claims!

Set up Prepaid Maintenance rates, service schedules and reimbursement schedules in our flexible product configuration module, manage contracts electronically (including the electronic storage of all contracts), and allow dealers to make claims electronically. So long as the claim is within the boundaries and rules you have set for each program, no claims adjuster intervention or participation is required.

SCS Auto sends data to your accounting systems so that maintenance claim payments can be automatically processed with no manual intervention.

GAP Fact SheetDownload the Prepaid Maintenance Fact Sheet Here


  • Flexible product configuration lets you build maintenance schedules, rates and reimbursement schedules easily with no technology involvement
  • Set up a limitless number of Prepaid Maintenance plans and maintenance claim schedules
  • Dealers submit claims online – no claim adjustor participation or phone calls required
  • Integrated channel management adds extensive functionality to manage dealers and agents including sale authority, custom rates and commissions
  • Connect to menus or use our customizable dealer interface (with full DMS integration) so that dealers can get quotes, create contracts, make electronic maintenance claims, and much more
  • Electronically manage contracts and cash receipts and payments through the entire customer lifecycle. Includes comprehensive billing and receivables for dealers, agents and others