The SCS Auto system is a complete and comprehensive solution, but as with all systems, great value and efficiencies can be achieved by electronically connecting to the right partners. The F&I Admin philosophy is to electronically connect the SCS Auto system to partners whenever it will add value, create efficiencies or help provider customers sell more products. In addition, we do not believe in exclusivity. Any partner can connect in each segment. Click below to see:

If you would like to electronically connect to SCS Auto to add to the value and efficiencies we deliver to our provider customers, please email or call David at 630 925 4850.

What Do Our Partners Have to Say?

"We are pleased that F&I Admin chose Wright Express as its strategic partner. This solution is secure and efficient, and providers can easily see the benefits to their processes and controls. The competitive rebate that is available to providers is also a strong motivating factor."

David D. Maxsimic
Executive VP Sales & Marketing
Wright Express