F&I Admin Mobile Solutions

Our first iPhone App – Branded as YOUR mobile application and delivering real time data to your customers

This iPhone Application is the first of a series of mobile solutions that are designed to deliver real time data to all constituents in the F&I industry – providers, agents, customers and dealers. This application will allow customers to view their contracts and coverage for all F&I products bought from a provider using the F&I Admin administration solution.

The application will be branded as the provider’s application. Once downloaded to the mobile device, customers will enter the VIN and other identifying information to register their vehicle with the application. Upon registration, all contracts bought from that provider will be displayed along with relevant coverage details. This first version will also display a copy of the contract itself, details about covered components, claim history and provider and dealer contact information. More functionality will be built around this core data in upcoming versions.

iPhone® App Highlights:

  • System will check if any contracts exist
  • All mobile apps are linked directly to SCS Auto – all data sourced real time
  • Any number of vehicles can be listed
  • Just tap the contract to see more detail
  • Only covered parts will be shown with VSC coverage